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45 Radio plays the more uptempo side of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.

Great music that has been carefully researched by our years of experience out and about talking to YOU!

Ever wondered ‘Where all the good songs have gone’? Tired of the same 2-300 songs being rotated?

45 Radio is a feel good listen with a wider playlist and fewer interruptions. Good times, great music made for our generation.

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We are regularly increasing our DAB coverage (currently in Manchester, Birmingham & Glasgow) with potentially 2.5 million listeners and many more via new listening platforms such as Amazon Alexa. Try us now while we are still growing and rates are LOW. To discuss advertising or sponsorship of a show or feature, please get in touch sales@my45radio.co.uk

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If you are a small business and looking to improve sales... Contact us so we can help you to achieve good results for little outlay, by advertising or sponsoring a show on one of the UK’s fastest growing radio stations in the 45+ market. 

Reach out to us... Call us 01909 515150, text 07841 197874, email sales@my45radio.co.uk

45 Radio plays a wider variety of familiar songs and boasts an impressive roster of DJ talent. Experience counts! 

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